New babies being born on the farm is probably my favorite part of living where we do. I anticipate and calculate and eagerly await each new arrival with excitement and a belly full of nerves that everything will go just as it should.   We had the unfortunate reminder over the holidays that sometimes […]


Here is the story of how a seemingly normal family adopted pigs into their lives. The characters in the story by no surprise, are us. And no, I don’t think we are actually crazy and believe it or not, we have no regrets.   It all started the day my true country girl cousin called […]


Because living on a farm, raising three not so straightforward kids and managing the chores and daily routines of an active family wasn’t enough, I thought launching a business to fill a gap in the Canadian retail market seemed like a great idea!   So, the ideas started to roll around in what I am […]


As many of you know, I grew up in the city. I am the daughter of a policeman and a mom that finds no reason for violence in the world. So, growing up the rules were simple; guns hurt people and destroy lives and families so we wouldn’t have any (the only exception being of […]


Farm Life Winter on the Farm

It seems that the older I get, the more I have discovered my love of all seasons. Feeling blessed to live in a Country that provides true seasons to break up the year. I have come to love the beauty that each new quarter brings, each with its own gifts.  I have not quite mastered […]


Is there such thing as owning too many ‘things’ with tires? I am pretty sure there is. Someone somewhere must have written some rule about how many motorized vehicles one person needs.   This isn’t a new dilemma that I have been trying to negotiate with my husband; it’s been a long time in the […]


  We have been at the farm for nearly two and a half years now, and for the most part, I feel like the sharp corners of my city self-have softened nicely to fit in the new more fluid shape of farm life. It is becoming more rare that I find myself looking at some […]


  When I started brainstorming about what this little business would look like, I had all kinds of ideas and plans. I had written lists and drawn pictures of what a storefront might one day look like for our farmhouse decor shop, and ogled over the plethora of choices I would have to make about […]


Farm Life Why Cedar and Sage

    After deciding to build a business from the ground up, we discovered there are countless projects along the way. Some are fun, and some I’d rather to just about anything else! But even those hard things reap sweet rewards if you persevere.   The learning curve was and still is steep, and there […]


I get asked all the time what it is like to make a move from the city to the country. Many people have such a plan on their bucket list, hoping to achieve a slower and simpler life, but it’s a big decision.   We know many families who have taken the plunge and sold […]

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