Turning our dated farmhouse into the home of our dreams isn’t all breaking through walls and picking out pretty things. There is a lot of thought and planning that has to go into the design of a home.   I look back on some of the first renovation projects we tackled and how our […]


So, let me just start off by saying that doing one’s due diligence is always key to avoiding those big, not so awesome surprises that come with renovations. I mean, I know we all think we do this, but sometimes going the extra step right at the beginning can save a lot of stress down […]


  With the first couple of swings of the sledgehammer done, the demo has officially begun on the farm. It’s incredibly exciting anytime you officially enter the demolition phase. There is something very cathartic about Hulk smashing through an eyesore to make room for your vision.   With this stage in the renovation, comes a […]


Those of you who have landed here; might recall that nearly two years ago we picked up and left the city for a life in the country. That involved finding the perfect ‘fixer upper’ that we could transform into a tasteful, warm country home. . It had to be just the right balance of good […]


So, I had some pretty big plans for what was going to take place with our reno over the month of July. Picture more walls coming down, framing our new master walk-in closet and main floor laundry and maybe even having the electricians in to start on the electrical…. But, then reality kicked in and […]

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