The Farm Cats by Number

Who knew that living on a farm would come with so many lessons? Sure, it makes sense that there would be a lot to learn, but it’s the little things that keep blowing my mind. One of the first things we decided we needed when we moved here was a couple of barn kitties. This […]


Waiting for a miniature donkey to foal is like waiting for Christmas when you’re a kid in the throes of questioning if Santa is real, and you rocked your letter to Santa, and you’ve only picked half as many fights with your sibling as you wanted, and you cleaned your room at least once without […]


Spring is a time for birth and new beginnings and its transformation is palpable. So much can be learned from nature if we take the time to breathe it in. Whether it’s watching as the buds on the trees gently fall open and expose their tender faces and reach for the sun or if it’s […]


  It took some time for me to warm Andrew up to the idea that we indeed needed goats. I had been working on him for at least a year, only to be met with some facial expression that I really can’t explain and an “umm, no we don’t need goats.”   It was when […]


It’s crazy the difference a couple of years and leaving the city scene for life in the country can make. I have experienced a lot of soul-opening transformation as I stretch my wings past the once cramped confines of my previous urban existence. Embracing a lifestyle that always tugged at me, but seemed just out […]


One of the greatest things about being a mother is watching my kids develop their unique and individual traits. It amazes me how all three of my children are so vastly different, but were all raised by the same standards and examples that we set for our home.   Our middle son always has a […]


  I’m not sure if I should check the cycle of the moon, hire a paranormal expert, call the RCMP or just try and get more sleep; but things have been a bit strange around here.   Now I should probably preface this with just how much we have on the go right now. It […]

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