This Little Farm Goes to the Market

by Cedar & Sage Farm | Nov 08, 2017 | Farm Life


When I started brainstorming about what this little business would look like, I had all kinds of ideas and plans. I had written lists and drawn pictures of what a storefront might one day look like for our farmhouse decor shop, and ogled over the plethora of choices I would have to make about what to carry. But for some reason, the idea of markets never came to mind.


I knew from the beginning that I wanted our online store to be a ‘marketplace.’ I didn’t want it to feel like a store as much as I wanted it to have a more personal and down-home vibe. I dreamt of ways that I could make our online customers know us and feel who we are through the distance that this online world can sometimes create. The word Market to me has always seemed happy and welcoming. It’s a place where people and things gather in a community.


I have fond memories of my parents taking me to Farmers Markets all through my childhood. I would rifle through my piggy bank and find a tarnished fistful of coins or tattered bills in hopes to find a treasure that spoke to me. The smells, the sounds, and the people were always new. The seasons would bring aromas of baking, or hot kettle corn and the goods would draw me in like a moth to a flame. I have always been an extrovert and meeting the people and learning their stories was inspiring and meaningful to me, even as a child.

So, to me having a ‘Market’ as a store, even if it wasn’t brick and mortar to start, just seemed right. I wanted to invite people into our world a little bit; I want them to know us and share in this journey of life with us. I hope that as people peruse our online market, they will come to appreciate that each item was curated with them in mind. While many of our items are purchased wholesale and are not handmade, they still have a story to tell, and we have the honor of sharing these items with others through our story in hopes that they create many more stories in your homes.


For some reason, what I didn’t think of was the literal possibility of being a part of the market scene. It has evolved through the years to branch out into all sorts of different niches. While families can still shop the traditional Farmers Markets for fresh produce, meat, cheese, and baked goods, there are also now event-type markets that are on trend. It is exciting that this ‘meet-the-maker’ type event has become a social and shopping opportunity that everyone can enjoy.


So, when people started asking if I was going to apply for some of the upcoming Holiday Markets, I was both thrilled and terrified about what and how this could unfold for us.


But as we typically do, we leapt. We applied, and we waited. And, we are so excited to have been accepted into the ones with which we put out applications.


So, now that we have been accepted, it has meant preparing for this new endeavor. I have been ordering stock (blind I might add, as how does one know just how much to have on hand at an event?). I have been dreaming up booth ‘scapes’ that will both accommodate the venue and our brand and making lists of projects that need completing for Market day.


Andrew and I have done many projects together over the years, but almost all of them involve a building of some sort, so this idea of building props has been all new. I am a person who is drawn to a simple backdrop with a few amazing features, while Andrew is all about going BIG! So, it has been a compromise to come up with a plan for how to meet the world, show our faces and display our goods. We have been busy building, painting, setting up and taking down, rearranging, starting over and hoping like crazy that we can pull together something just right.


We can’t wait to be apart of this creative and local community of makers and curators, and we hope that you will take the time to stop by and introduce yourselves to us if you happen to see us. We would love to meet you!


Find us at:



Little Modern Market Holiday Edition in Calgary November 25th from 9:30-3:30 at Rally Pointe Volleyball Club


Curated Holiday Market in Calgary December 8-10 at Deerfoot City


Meet Ashleigh

I have somehow been blessed beyond measure; I am married to a wonderful guy who shares in the great joy of raising our three amazing children. We recently picked up and left the city to follow our hearts, with the intention for a more simple and natural lifestyle. Both my husband and I are native Calgarians who have always been awed with the wonder of looking out at the Rocky Mountains. For us, transplanting into the foothills just made sense and we couldn’t wait to get here. It wasn’t until I was removed from the hurry of the city; that I was able to settle into my purpose and accept and celebrate the things that make me happy. Combining my love for bringing life into a neglected space, and filling it with a marriage of old and new, has enabled me to take on the challenge of rebirthing this 1980’s farmhouse. Being able to do this from home, while tackling the daily chores of caring for our farm animals is pure bliss and sits comfortably in my heart. I am chomping at the bit (along with our horses…) to continue to watch the evolution of our space take shape… And I can’t wait to fill this home with love, memories and the smell of Sunday dinners for years to come. I believe that the greatest gift in life is family, and I have been placed amongst a beautiful tribe (my late grandfather’s endearing term for our extended family). I yearn to give my children and their friends a place to melt away from the hustle; in a comfortable and pretty space, which I hope can be a refuge from a complicated and sometimes messy world. Although this move and new direction was not written down in my master plan (and I am a list and plan girl through and through), I am thrilled that the happenings which brought us here have unraveled just the way they did. I have dedicated this year to being grateful for our many gifts while also accepting my limitations with grace and courage. In addition to my home and family, I love camping, iced tea, Volkswagens and a good book… in no particular order. I hope you can find inspiration, relatability or even just a good laugh by following my blog posts as I figure out just what will unfold next.