Thank you for visiting Cedar and Sage Farm. We hope that you can connect with our journey in some way and in turn find something to take home with you. We left the city two years ago to embark on our farmyard adventure. With three kids and two dogs in tow, we settled into our new lifestyle quickly and full of excitement. Our love of animals and nature has grown into a tangible passion with 30 assorted farm animals that we tend to each day. We feel blessed to be immersed in this life, and there are times I wonder if we are building this story or if it is building us?

What we know for sure, is that we have fallen hard for our new lifestyle and can’t wait for our next adventure to unfold right here in our own backyard. Our family has grown by miniature donkeys, miniature pigs, miniature goats, bunnies, KuneKune pigs, a couple of horses and the odd disappearing barn cat. But most importantly it has provided a slowness where we can live more simply and connect to what matters most. 


It seemed only fitting to make this 1980’s farmhouse “fixer upper” our home and project. We invite you to follow along as we blog our way through ‘Farm Life’ from a city girl turned farm wife and as we re-birth this house in our ‘Farmhouse’ blog series. Stories of our barnyard antics and arrivals can be found in our ‘Farm’ blog series.

Making our nest abundant and welcoming is our passion, and we want nothing more than to extend that warmth onto you.

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