A Time for New Beginnings

by Cedar & Sage Farm | Mar 02, 2017 | The Farm

Spring is a time for birth and new beginnings and its transformation is palpable. So much can be learned from nature if we take the time to breathe it in. Whether it’s watching as the buds on the trees gently fall open and expose their tender faces and reach for the sun or if it’s watching that new bird take its first leap from the nest.

It’s an exciting and daring time of year if you’re willing to embrace the moment and try something new. I find that it’s the simple things that often matter the most; the challenge is giving ourselves the permission to take them in. This is all very tough to do though when you’re a girl with to-do lists and an agenda.

My attempt at slowing down became an inviting and therapeutic treat this morning. Instead of having my cup of tea while racing about the house (in a whirlwind attempt to have a productive start to the day), I allowed myself to take my tea and a cozy spring throw out onto the deck.

Sure, it took a moment to let the thoughts about all that needed to be done wash away (and I may have had to divert my eyes from the deck boards closest to the house, that clearly needed a change-in-season power washing). But once I took in my first real breath, I was able to transplant myself into the real and true space that is the beauty of our farm.

The birds eagerly serenaded one another as they methodically hunt and peck for the perfect ‘bricks and mortar’ for their nests. A welcomed change from the quiet that winter brings, with its snowy blanket to muffle the sounds of the world. Listening harder I could hear the bleating of the goats as they leapt and played in the paddock behind the barn. A smile couldn’t help but creep its way across my lips as I tried to differentiate the voices of our new “kids” to the low and humble tones of our mighty buck Merlin. If I was closer, I’d have been able to hear the hollow sounds their hooves make as they dance and jump about.

I caught my mind start to wander as I imagined where the new divisions will take place in the paddock straight ahead. Currently an empty canvas, that area will soon be the new home of our Kune Kune pigs. Just past this space our three miniature donkeys lay peacefully in the sun. A shred of excitement lingers knowing the very real possibility that there is new life stirring in the tummies of Daisy and Penny.

Before picking up to go inside I was struck by the awe of just what a beautiful setting we are privileged to call home. The backdrop to all the wonder and life I have sensed this morning is the majestic Rocky Mountains. They too seem to be reaching their snow frosted peaks to the sun, taking advantage of all that is simple and abundant on an early spring day.

I think tomorrow I just might revisit my chair on the deck, knowing it won’t be long before I won’t need my cozy throw and I will see if the tight knots at the ends of the branches on the trees have loosened just a tad. A symbol of a new start, a new year and a new adventure.

Thank you for finding me and I hope you’ll check back often to see how spring unfolds here at Cedar and Sage Farm. There is new life forming and waiting to be born. I can’t wait to meet each new farmyard soul as they slip into and greet this crazy wonderful world.

Meet Ashleigh

I have somehow been blessed beyond measure; I am married to a wonderful guy who shares in the great joy of raising our three amazing children. We recently picked up and left the city to follow our hearts, with the intention for a more simple and natural lifestyle. Both my husband and I are native Calgarians who have always been awed with the wonder of looking out at the Rocky Mountains. For us, transplanting into the foothills just made sense and we couldn’t wait to get here. It wasn’t until I was removed from the hurry of the city; that I was able to settle into my purpose and accept and celebrate the things that make me happy. Combining my love for bringing life into a neglected space, and filling it with a marriage of old and new, has enabled me to take on the challenge of rebirthing this 1980’s farmhouse. Being able to do this from home, while tackling the daily chores of caring for our farm animals is pure bliss and sits comfortably in my heart. I am chomping at the bit (along with our horses…) to continue to watch the evolution of our space take shape… And I can’t wait to fill this home with love, memories and the smell of Sunday dinners for years to come. I believe that the greatest gift in life is family, and I have been placed amongst a beautiful tribe (my late grandfather’s endearing term for our extended family). I yearn to give my children and their friends a place to melt away from the hustle; in a comfortable and pretty space, which I hope can be a refuge from a complicated and sometimes messy world. Although this move and new direction was not written down in my master plan (and I am a list and plan girl through and through), I am thrilled that the happenings which brought us here have unraveled just the way they did. I have dedicated this year to being grateful for our many gifts while also accepting my limitations with grace and courage. In addition to my home and family, I love camping, iced tea, Volkswagens and a good book… in no particular order. I hope you can find inspiration, relatability or even just a good laugh by following my blog posts as I figure out just what will unfold next.